How it Works

We offer a package of three interconnected products: Desktop, Web, and Mobile. Each product is interconnected, meaning that any items added to the Desktop App will automatically be reflected in the Mobile and Web Apps.

Desktop Apps

We provide desktop applications that can be used offline, online, or in the cloud. Users can install these applications on their personal computers and utilize them. Additionally, you have the option to establish a local network to create multiple sales points.

Web Apps

We offer Web Apps that grant you complete control over your business, both online (accessible from anywhere in the world) and offline (when connected to your local network). Additionally, our Web Apps enable you to efficiently manage your e-commerce store.

Mobile Apps

We offer a complimentary mobile app that allows you to efficiently manage your business on the go. Additionally, we provide an e-Commerce app, enabling your customers to place orders seamlessly using the Order Taking app.

What is Aisone ERP?

Aisone ERP stands as one of the finest ERP solutions for your business. With our fully customized and comprehensive approach, we cater to every aspect of your business needs. Adhering to international accounting standards, we ensure utmost precision and compliance.

Embrace our ERP solution, and liberate yourself from all business-related headaches. Our comprehensive ERP seamlessly manages every aspect of your business, enabling you to effortlessly track various expenses. Gain a competitive edge with our cutting-edge average costing formula. Expand your market reach with the capability to sell your items both online and offline. Experience the power of managing your business effortlessly, whether online or offline. Join us and embark on a journey of growth and success.

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Software Features

We offer a complete array of essential features to empower your business operations.

  • Accounting We adhere to the latest international standards of accounting.
  • Inventory Managment We take care of your inventory management.
  • Sales & Distribution Effortlessly manage and control sales and product distributions.
  • Purchases Stay informed about every expense associated with your purchases.
  • Material Managment Easily handle raw material management in your preferred unit of measurement.
  • Manufacturing Effortlessly manage and control your manufacturing processes.
  • Point Of Sale We offer an exceptionally powerful and user-friendly Point Of Sale (POS) system.
  • Multi Currency Effortlessly handle multiple currencies.
  • Multi Unit Of Measurment Utilize multiple units of measurements with ease.
  • Multi Branch & Company Efficiently manage multiple companies with multiple branches.
  • Business Intelligence Our software is business intelligent, empowering you with valuable insights.
  • Reporting We will provide you with a comprehensive range of reports to cater to all your needs.
  • Customization Everything is fully customizable, tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • Multi Warehouse We have multi warehouse inventory management system.
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Our Specialities

While we may not claim to offer the lowest rates, we take pride in providing unique and super useful features that set us apart and form the strength of our offerings. We provide:

Offline and Online ERP

You have the flexibility to run your ERP both online and offline.

Multiple UOM

We offer support for Multiple Units of Measurement.

UOM Wise BarCode

We provide Unit of Measurement-specific Barcodes for your convenience.

Multi Curreny

Our software is equipped to handle multiple currencies seamlessly.

Custom Reports

You have the freedom to design custom reports tailored to your business needs.

User Defined Fields

Enjoy the convenience of defining custom fields to suit your specific requirements.

Custom Validations

Users have the flexibility to apply custom validations within our software.

Connected With mobile Apps

We offer integrated apps that seamlessly connect to your ERP.

One Window Operations

All our Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications are interconnected, ensuring seamless collaboration across platforms.

Multi Marehouse

Our multi warehouse inventory management system is the best way to ensure that your customers get their products on time.


We take pride in being a renowned software house, specializing in the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. With a proven track record, our mature product has achieved remarkable success in various countries' markets. Our feature-rich product offers advanced tools, empowering you with full and efficient control over your system. Having honed our product over 15 years of real-market experience, we provide a robust and reliable solution for your business needs.

At present, our product encompasses all the essential features required to cater to diverse business needs. These mature features have been carefully developed to effectively handle every type of business.


Meet Our Team

Meet our exceptional and dedicated team of highly talented professionals. We take immense pride in our team, where each member is an expert in their respective domains.

Khuram Sultan
Founder, CEO
Muhammad Yousaf
Development Team Lead
Hafiz Azeem
Desktop Developer
Muhammad Danish
Sales Team Lead
Sikandar Tufail
Sales & Deployment Officer
Muhammad Junaid
Sales Representative
Sabir Ali
Sales Representative
Muhammad Adeeb
Sales Representative
Mustafa Amjad
Graphic Designer